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by Mac Saturn

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released September 6, 2019

Mac Saturn is...
(in order of appearance)
Brett Dooge - guitars
Nick Barone - guitars, vocals
Carson Macc - drums, vocals
Jive Chivalski - bass

Special thanks to…

Ardis Grace - backing vocals - (Breakfast All Night)
Chris Koltay - synths
Evan Mercer - keys (Banana Wine III, Man You Need)
Jesse Medawar - keys (Julien, Red Light)
Pacman Dixon - saxophone (Banana Wine III)
Tony Muggs - backing vocals (Red Light)

Additional acknowledgements…

Austin Hurrell, Brendan Seyka, Reed Hurrell, Julie Lucas Koltay, Paul, Nick the Brewer, The Dooge Family, Vince Barone, Baby Man, Baby Lady and all the ghosts of High Bias.


all rights reserved



Mac Saturn Detroit, Michigan

A traditional four-piece rock and roll band.

Nick Barone - Vocals, guitar

Brett Dooge - Lead guitar, vocals

Jive - Bass guitar

Carson Macc - Drums, vocals
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Track Name: Julien
I stand
In a desert
On a rainbow
All alone
I swear
To my maker
Won’t you take me
Make me whole

I know you’ve got a real good story
You’ll tell me all about it sometime
Make sure you take your shoes off, baby
Standing in the welfare line
We’ve always had a nose for trouble
But everything will turn out fine
In time

I stand
In the ocean
Walking backwards
Parted sea
And I live
In a graveyard
All I write are

I know you’ve got a real good story
You’ll tell me all about it sometime
Make sure you take your clothes off, baby
Standing in your house on fire
We’ve always had an eye for each other
Dancing in the candlelight
Be kind
Track Name: (CRY CRY) 70 Tears
You said to me I couldn’t love you
And you were right on track
Lovin' isn’t easy
Though you hold me and squeeze me
Then you stab me right in the back

You told me you were here
For a day or two
And it turned into a couple of weeks
I wanna know the truth
Do you love me or you just
Wanna play for keeps

(Cry cry) 70 tears
Don’t wanna hear it
(Cry cry) all through the years
Grow old and hate it
(Cry cry) as much as you like
I won’t go to you
Track Name: Stomp Shop
Momma got up
She got down
On me

She love
Love me down
For free

Honey got up
She got down
Track Name: Red Light (Don't Stop)
It’s a strange sorta feeling
When the sun won’t shine
And it’s everything you need
I’ll find a beatnik lover
And an Indian summer and a
Yellow rosary
And I’ll get it right, pretty baby
In the meantime maybe
Love’s not what I need
‘Till I find my mind
Some sweet sunshine and a
Reason to believe

I’ll disappear for a while
Hoppin' boxcars lookin' for that
Fabled Broadway sign
And I’ll lay with her
‘Till the sun comes up
Singing quiet lullabies
I’ll slave in fits
To right this ship
Travel westward on the breeze
And I’ll shoot real quick
Like the Sundance Kid
I’ll drive like Steve McQueen

Don’t stop
Take it from me
Don’t stop
You can get it for free
Don’t stop
Beggin' you please
Don’t stop
Open the door
Don’t stop
Put your feet on the floor
Don’t stop
‘Till you find what you’re working for
Track Name: Banana Wine III
I crawled to the top of a hill
But you weren’t there
I swallowed 17 blue pills
To hope you’d appear
I climbed on the top
Of an eight mile high
Hate kissed me as she passed me by

I called your mother’s phone
And asked her your name
I met your sister alone
She wasn’t the same
I called everyone that you might know
They all said they’d never seen you before

Paint pictures in the soul of a woman
Love never lets you know when it’s coming
Paint pictures in the soul of a woman
Love never lets you go
Track Name: Breakfast All Night
She was a shaky operator
She had total control
And though my worries did predate her
I still gave her my soul
Well she took it and she hid it
Under fluorescent light
But I still hope she comes back
Hope it’s all alright

And it’s not coincidental
It’s a matter of fact
But I’m a little sentimental
You can hold me to that
You won’t ever catch me digging
Through no waste paper box
You know I never threw away
A single letter I got

Like Nazareth at night
On a Boeing red-eye flight
If you find heaven before I do
Tell my friends I’ll be there

I’m a man on the run
Track Name: Man You Need
If that’s the man you need
Then that’s the man I’ll be
If that’s the love you want
Then just take all my heart

And if you reply
Then just take all my life
Cause he don’t love you baby
And you make me crazy

And if you wanna play
Go on give my love away
Gut if you understand
Then just take my hand
Track Name: Hotel for Moses
When I was young I saw the flag
Paper airplanes in the trash
Baby all I see is pain
Just a symptom of my age
The thought alone made me cry
Some sacrosanct lullaby

Numbered bullets hit the ground
Vicious evening timpani sound
Smoke and roses in our eyes
We drink expensive pesticide
Come on and tell me what I owe ya
Got a casket for Vincent
And a bed for your soldiers

So come on
And promise when it’s over
Stand guard at my grave
Like a terra-cotta soldier

Moses come down the mountain
He told them all cash your checks
Turned all the swords into pens
And we still found a way
To stab each other to death

Make me believe
Show me your teeth
Land of the free
Track Name: Slow It Down
Pretty face
Ain’t it true
But that’s not gonna
Pay your dues so
Don’t roll it off your shoulder
You’re only getting older tonight

Daddy’s car
Drives real fast
But honey don’t you know
Those things they never last
So pull yourself together
You look under the weather it’s true

Spanish heart
Checkered past
Holiday from boarding school in
Paris, France
Don’t worry about the letters
I changed my old address in the states

Spent my last
20 bucks
On cheap whisky
And some paper cups
So here’s to living faster
The world will turn long after you’re gone

You walk around with your head in the clouds
Do you even know your age
The bottles the dresses and the cigarettes
Are from last week’s ex-fiance

Slow down little darling
You gotta work for what you need
Cause the planes keep on flying
And the soldiers laying dead in the street
Track Name: Housecalls
She had 2 left shoes
She sang the blues with me
And her voice
Was always bittersweet
Oh my darling one
It’s sure been fun
This love we found
In the back of a magazine

She cries for me on Sunday
She gets lonely when it rains
She said only God can save me
And I just forgot his name
My dear it’s been so easy
You know it sure feels good to me
Making love in the back
Of the limousine

She said
I’d love to come see you
We could shake down the moon
And I’d love to go dancing
On my rich daddy’s tomb
And when the music is over
We can talk to the wall
But honey
I don’t do no more
House calls

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